Rune Staxrud, Amundsvei 37, N-1406 Ski, NORWAY

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It's better with a terrible pen than no one at all.  These pens are actually trash, but I can trade them for other trash pens...




ER #2 : GROSSGLOCKNER, HOCHALPENSTRASSE                 (AT)         

Mod. 534

(Faded !!!)






ER #3 : Vedettes Paris - Tour Eiffel                                (FR)          

Mod. 964

(The pen is leaking oil...)






ER #4 : m/s Richard With                                                                 

(on the pen)  : " HURTIGRUTEN "                                (NO)          

Mod. 534

(Giant bubble!!!  The pen is leaking oil...)






ER #5 : VALKENBURG                                               (NL)                     

Mod. 534

(Faded !!!)







This is the complete list of bad pens...