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I will trade this fantastic sales kit from Eskesen with 34 great floaty pens!  Enclosed you also find

4 floaty key rings, 2 floaty toothbrushes, 1 floaty lighter and 1 floaty bottle opener.

Besides you find lots of items that don't have any floaty sections, all made by Eskesen!


And of course you get the GREAT brief case made specially by Eskesen, with their logo and text

on the outside.  I only trade this as a complete set, not in parts.


I do not write to explain what is enclosed.  Just see the pictures below.


The text plate in my case is in Danish, and not in English like on the illustration above.


If you want this set, then please send me an email with an offer.  I trade it for floaty action pens from Eskesen!

If you have quiestions about this item, please send me an email...